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Music Creation and Audio Design Services

We provide value to your projects because we have expertise in producing Rock (action, techno, sports, and hiphop/urban music), Orchestral (adventure, rpg, and horror music), Acoustic (golf, adult contemporary, and new age music), and of course, those “Wow! it sounds like I'm really there” sound effects and ambient music tracks.

Our credits include titles published by DreamWorks SKG, Sierra, Atari, Utopia,

AOL/WorldPlay (formerly TSN/INN) among others.

Senior Audio and music Producer, Rudy Helm, offers better than 10 years of experience in the multimedia industry, plus extensive previous pro‐music industry experience. Helm served four years as co‐chairman of the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IA‐SIG) and is a charter‐member of the Computer Game Developer's Association as well as a three‐time member of the Game Developer's Conference Alumni as a panelist.

So steal a minute and review our company info, or listen to our music samples and/or watch our sound effects demos! And hey, let's please keep in touch, shall we?

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To become the leading music production service specializing in compelling custom interactive music and sound effects by adding value to your development team's efforts of placing the real world inside the personal computer, game console, or wireless handheld device.

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